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Discover The Harry Potter Spell Book

Harry Potter has swept the nations worldwide with his fascinating wizardry and intriguing storylines. Many Harry Potter fans have the entire seven book series sitting on their shelves, and needless to say they don’t collect much dust. It’s a story you can read over and over again not just because it’s entertaining but each time you read and reread the Harry Potter books you always discover something new that you hadn’t noticed before.

Many people may not know that the Harry Potter phenomenon doesn’t just stop at these seven books. There are books about the Harry Potter books and books about the books about Harry Potter books, and the list goes on. But one book in particular that’s tickling reader’s curiosity would have to be the Harry Potter Books of Spells. Is it real? Does it exist? Can you buy it? The answers to these questions would be yes, yes, and definitely yes!

One of the most complete renditions of a Harry Potter spell book would have to be Harry Potter: the Complete Encyclopedia of Spells by Theodore Miller. It includes all of the spells ever featured in both Harry Potter books and movies. Most of the spells found in this book are written by their incantations, when known. Some spells go into great detail as far as the incantations you would say and how to say them as well as what actions go along with the spell, i.e. how to wave your wand. Theodore Miller does a great job capturing the moments in the Harry Potter series that make the story come to life in a well organized and detailed book of spells.

The kindle edition of Harry Potter: the Complete Encyclopedia of Spells is a great way to take the book of spells along with you without having to carry an ancient, weighty spell book around. If you ever need to go invisible, fall in love or rid the world of giant destructive trolls then you can cast a spell by simply taking out your kindle and scrolling through the encyclopedia. It’s wizardry at its most convenient form. This Harry Potter spell book would make a great gift to any Harry Potter fan. And at such an affordable price you can buy one for yourself, your friends and family too!

Don’t have a Kindle yet?  Then maybe getting the Harry Potter: the Complete Encyclopedia of Spells is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself!

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Other interesting books that delve into the magic of Harry Potter would be The Science of Harry Potter: How Magic Really Works by Roger Highfield, List of Spells in Harry Potter by Jesse Russell and Ronald Cohn, and The Magical World of Harry Potter: A Treasury of Myths, Legends and Fascinating Facts by David Colbert. Check out these spell books and see what you can learn from them.

The Harry Potter spell books you buy online may not compare to the book of spells featured in the movies, but they’re just as interesting. You never know you may even be able to pull off a spell or two. All you need is a Harry Potter Wand and a Kindle.

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