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Who Wouldn’t Want One Of The Harry Potter Broomsticks?

If there was a better and faster way to get to and from school, work, or anywhere else for that matter then many people would be going that route, even if that route was hundreds of feet in the air. There’s no better way to get around than by a broomstick, but not just any broomstick will do. A Harry Potter broomstick will ensure that you get to your destinations quickly and safely (well, sort of safely).

You don’t have to be a Quidditch player to own one of these super cool and ridiculously fast broomsticks, nor do you have to be a student wizard or witch at Hogwarts. Harry Potter broomsticks have now been made available to anyone and everyone who can afford them. Some of the models may not come cheaply, but if you can get your hands on something like the Nimbus 2000 then it’s well worth it. Plus, think of all the money you’d be saving on gas when you switch from a car to a broomstick!

Here are some of the different types of Harry Potter broomsticks.

Harry Potter(TM) Broom

For beginning broomstick riders, might we suggest something like this simple and basic Harry Potter broom. It’s 90 centimetres long and provides a low riding and slow paced zoom. It has a plastic handle and plastic bristles. It’s the perfect size for children and when it’s not being ridden, you could use it to sweep up some dust on your floors.

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Nimbus 2000 broom Limited Edition – Harry Potter

If you think you’re getting the hang of riding a broomstick and have had plenty of practice on your sweeper at home then it’s time to move on up a level and try your hand at a Firebolt broomstick. It’s a lot faster than a regular Harry Potter broom and will most likely take you hundreds of feet up in the air against your will, but all you have to do is hold on tight and you’ll be fine. It features a varnished beech wood handle and wicker hair. It also has removable laton foot rests and comes with a numbered plaque and a certificate of authenticity. The Nimbus 2000 measures 180 centimetres long.

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Broomstick Firebolt broom – Harry Potter

You know you’re ready to ride a Firebolt when 1) you can ride a broomstick with one or no hands, or 2) you destroyed your Nimbus 2000. The Firebolt reaches unfathomable speeds and requires a much more experienced rider. This broom is made from beech wood and features wicker bristles and metal foot rests. It’s 170 centimetres long and is the exact replica of the one in the movies. The Firebolt will always be the fastest broomstick ever created.

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Collector’s Quality Broom Replica Nimbus 2001

If you’ve lived a very rich and privileged life like Draco Malfoy, then you may be one of the ones with a Nimbus 2001 in your closet. It’s detailed sculpture features a dark stained beech wood handle, wicker bristles and metal foot rests. It measures 145 centimetres long and is considered to be one of the more popular broomsticks still being used by professional Quidditch players all over the globe.

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Start getting around by riding a Harry Potter broomstick. They’re cheaper than buying a car, they’re more eco-friendly and you’ll never have to wait in traffic ever again.

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